Real Time and Real Life

Here’s a video of a realĀ patient in the first few minutes of arrival in emergency.

Information will appearĀ in real time. Each time you are prompted, pause the video and think or write down your best answer.

Working rapidly to narrow down your DDx based on limited information is a key skill for the emergency physician – are you up for the challenge??



  1. awad says:

    1- COPD exacerbation
    2- bronchial asthma exacerbation
    3- bronchiactasis exacerbation

  2. awad says:

    COPD with corpulmonale and AF

  3. awad says:

    2- ABG

  4. awad says:

    Right ventricular hypertrophy and strain

  5. awad says:

    Low flow o2
    Bibap if needed

  6. awad says:

    Stop smoking
    Correct AF

  7. this is a nice method of learning!

  8. Hypertensive Emergency with pulmonary oedema
    Atrial Fibrallation
    Manage with IV GTN

  9. Lakshan says:

    It is Acute Pulmonary Oedema , Prop up, start with CPAP change to BiPAP if indicated in blood gas, IV GTN infusion , ECG , may need enoxaparin also.

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