TiCME Heart Failure

The pathophysiology of heart failure made simple with a treatment algorithm and a unique way of looking at the circulation. This tutorial will allow you to understand heart failure and treat patients with ease.



  1. Sir what do you prefer as an inotropic drug in RVF following a STEMI in following two conditions?
    1.Bradycardia with hypotension
    2.Hypotension without Bradycardia

    • Nick Taylor says:

      Thanks for the question Dilan, Great to hear from you. RVF needs preload…but not too much, or else you’ll overstretch the ischaemic RV. Bradycardia needs chronotropy.

      NORAD if there’s no Brady , Adrenaline if profoundly hypotensive and Brady. Dobutamine if a little bit hypotensive and Brady.
      You can just use norad for everything and change to adrenaline if not working, if I’m setting up external pacing, I will nearly always have adrenaline trickling in first though.

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