This is the ONLY hyperkalaemia tutorial you’ll ever need!

Pathophys, ECG signs and management all rolled together into one evidenced based entertaining and easy to understand tutorial.

I am sure that you’ll love the cool graphics and explanations which help make the complex easy!



  1. Ganaja says:

    nice presentation… What are the other rhythms seen in hyperkalemia..? How about complete heart block.

    • Nick Taylor says:

      Hi Ganaja. Complete Heart Block is actually very rare as a direct consequence of hyperK. The literature has very few cases – 1 of the 2 I found wasn’t CHB in my opinion, the other was an unusual variant, Thanks for the Question, Nick!

  2. Sashi says:

    Cool presentation Sir. A good one

  3. Nandana says:

    Excellent sir…
    In my experience in cardiology unit in kandy recently .. we had patient with CKD and found to have high pottasium.. around 7.0 mmol/l , severe bradycardic… HR 30/min, calcium gluconate given twice failed, urgent TPM done, arranged dialysis within 3hrs, patient was saved.
    I will upload his ECGs in few days….

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