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Time Critical Medical Education is a unique medical education site for all those working or interested in critical care.  TiCME is aiming to add to the huge amount of ‘minute to minute’ update style medical education by providing a framework in which to understand and then learn the knowledge and skills needed for advanced practice.  Lectures are in video format and include large numbers of real clinical examples and novel techniques developed over many years of teaching experience.

To access the drop down menus, please login using your social media account using the icons on the home page. TiCME does not share, sell or otherwise interfere with any personal information.

The categories of tutorial are TiCME, TiCME+ Core, ECG WORKSHOP and Briefs

It is recommended that the TiCME and Core tutorials are completed before TiCME+ as content that has been learnt there will be assumed in the TiCME+ tutes.

The ECG workshop is a great place to test your ECG knowledge and to revise after completing the ECG tutorials.

Videos will play in all browsers. Volume can be adjusted in the player on on your device. We recommend headphones if playing the videos on smartphones. If you are projecting the videos to play to a larger group, the audio will be better if external speakers are connected.

Please allow a few seconds depending on your internet speed for the videos to buffer before they play. They have been recorded at a size that is optimal for fast loading while retaining quality for a standard laptop screen.

You can pause rewind and fast forward as required.

Comments can be left and questions asked, and I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

TiCME is not income generating, and has no commercial relationships or affiliations.

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