Surf…and Heart Failure

This short video will change the way you understand acute heart failure. It uses the ocean to visually explain how vascular failure is different from chronic heart failure with clear explanations and echo views.

Its the follow on and answer  to the real time and real life case .

For those wanting to get into more detail, I suggest reading this brilliant article  “The pathophysiology of hypertensive acute heart failure” David Viau, et al. Heart 2015. 101; 1861-7. doi: 10.1136/heartjnl-2015-307461



  1. Wimalasiri says:

    Wow ! Brilliant !
    Hypotensive HF is the one which need a different video footage. Perhaps video of beach in low tide might help you!! Ha ha

  2. Ganaja says:

    Should I start CPAP straight away or wait and see whether GTN is working and if not then start?

    • Nick Taylor says:

      My practice is to start CPAP immediately …the reality of a busy ED is that CPAP can commence within a few seconds and makes a huge difference straight away. GTN needs IV access, then to be found, drawn up, commenced and titrated to have an effect.

  3. Indika Lanerolle says:

    What inotropes would you use in hypotensive HF ?

    • Nick Taylor says:

      BP<70 i would use Adrenaline or Norad: If HR low Adrenaline, HR high; Norad
      BP70-90 I would use Dobutamine or Norad: If HR high Norad; HE low Dobutamine

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