Video vs Direct laryngoscopy

A short video explaining the geometry, anatomy and technique differences between the hyperangulated video laryngoscope and the standard direct approach with macintosh blade for intubation. Simple explanations and pictures and lots of specific practice tips to avoid common pitfalls and improve safety and success



  1. david bvirakare says:

    up until about 3-4years ago I have always intubated with a mac. Incorporating a Glide scope as part of my intubating strategy was not difficult but I realised how different it is ( only after hands-on practise on a mannequin) as you have again illustrated the technique is completely different, but can be easily mastered.

    Video-laryngoscopy using a C-Mac by STORZ ( which I have used on several occasions) requires nearly the same technique as standard mac such that most practitioners proficient with old mac will immediately appreciate the technological superiority that video laryngoscope has brought in the last few years with very little re-training.

    Thanks for the cast.

  2. Usman says:

    i must say i had been reluctant until recently to use gliedoscope, having had used more C-MAC which has anatomy similar to Mac blade, I dont think it confers additional benefit in a difficult airway unless we use the D blade for C-mac. I quite like gliedoscope now because of the hyperangulated blade and ability to see “around the corners”.
    nice video and some really good tips. I think once one understands the principle behind the gliedoscope and the need for tube bending with stylet, it makes things really easy.

  3. Hi Nick

    This is super helpful and has really helped clarify why I am having trouble getting good views.

    Thanks very much


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